Spring is coming

I think these photos of the flowers out front of my apartment are proof. And I felt the need to post something because I haven’t posted anything in a while and I need a creative spark. Maybe spring will be just that.

Still going, sort of

This blog/website was supposed to kick start my creativity. It hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped, but I haven’t completely failed. Basically, other than work and the occasional blog post, creativity has been photography. And that has been a battle of fits and starts. Lately, other things have demanded my attention. For one, … More Still going, sort of

Staycation photos

When work slows down after a busy season, everyone tries to take a little time off. When work slowed down just in time for my birthday, I was ready for a little time off. I didn’t make any plans for this vacation, a nice stretch of nine days off, I just wanted to have some … More Staycation photos

Baseball and sunsets

Earlier this week, I ran past Hadlock Field in Portland. I stopped jogging and paused my Garmin, spending a second to look at the stadium and dream of warm summer nights of baseball. The statue of the team’s mascot, Slugger, in front of the stadium holds a sign. On that day it read, “Think Spring. … More Baseball and sunsets