No pressure, just create


I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself with this creative project and that pressure can be a little bit paralyzing sometimes. I want to get out a make photos, I want to write, I want to make stuff. Then I think too much about it and think of all the reasons I can’t do those things. And I usually don’t.

The last few days I’ve figured something out: None of this has to be a big deal. There is no reason put pressure on myself or to make these grands plans to be creative. I just need to get out and do it.

It hit me yesterday. After sitting down at lunch and writing for a little bit, I made my way home, thinking about why I hadn’t taken my camera out at any point to take pictures. When I parked my car in front of my apartment, I noticed some flowers at the house across the street. Now, I don’t care about flowers, but they are photogenic, so I pulled out my camera and started making photos.

IMG_0892.jpg I snapped a few photos of those flowers and kept walking down the street with my camera hanging from a strap on my wrist. On that stroll down the street, I saw many things to photograph. The old school fire alarms nailed to the telephone polls. The cemetery (though I’m still not sure it is OK to take pictures in the cemetery). The pine cones. The stop signs.


What I figured out yesterday was there is always something to shoot. Walking a quarter of a mile down the street, I took 45-50 pictures. A bunch of them were the same thing, trying to get the photo right, but there was something to shoot every few steps.

Today I headed out to Portland and, while I’m still a little shy out doing street photography, I was overwhelmed with the things there were to shoot. All the people. The old school brick buildings. The cobblestone streets. The signage and the doorways.

IMG_0965.jpgCreativity doesn’t have an ordeal. It shouldn’t be something to cause anxiety. There are opportunities to create everywhere. It’s just a matter of making the most of the opportunity and enjoying it for what it is. For me, it is supposed to be an escape. IMG_0922.jpg

Why should there be any pressure in that?

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