Baseball and sunsets

74. March 16, 2018
365 photo project: Day 73. Checking out the sunset. 

Earlier this week, I ran past Hadlock Field in Portland. I stopped jogging and paused my Garmin, spending a second to look at the stadium and dream of warm summer nights of baseball.

The statue of the team’s mascot, Slugger, in front of the stadium holds a sign. On that day it read, “Think Spring. Opening day is 32 days away.”

We got 18 inches of snow over the next two days.

I drove over to Hadlock Field today because I thought it would be a fun image to make of that sign in front of the stadium surrounded by snow. Plus, I love baseball stadiums (I have a blog about that, too).


There wasn’t a ton of snow in front of the stadium, so I didn’t exactly nail the image I wanted. Still, it was fun to be at the stadium, dreaming of those warm summer nights, and making images. IMG_0064IMG_0070

On the walk back to my car, the sky started to turn to a glorious mixture of blue and pink and red. I decided then to find a spot to try to capture those colors. The sky was impressive, my ability to capture it was a mixed bag. IMG_0090IMG_0093

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