More snow, more snow photos

It looked like this, all day.

When all of my friends are on social media talking about “Friyay,” or when I hear someone say, “Thank God it’s Friday,” well, sometimes I grumble. Ya see, your Friday means nothing to me because I don’t have Fridays off. I don’t have Saturdays and Sundays off either. Your weekend is just part of my work week.

My weekend: Wednesday and Thursday.

This week, Wednesday and Thursday just happened to be full of snow. It started snowing Wednesday afternoon and the last time I looked out the window Thursday at around 5 p.m., it was still snowing.

Some weekend.

I beat the snow Wednesday and got out of the house for a 4-mile jog and to run a few errands. When I woke up Thursday, the ground was covered in snow and I sat in my bed most of the day watching TV (season 2 of Jessica Jones was released on Netflix today, so I had to jump into that) and feeling like a slug.

The view in front of my apartment.

Finally, I started to get cabin fever and had to do something. I wasn’t planning to run today because I’m not quite ready to run three days in a row, so I bundled up, grabbed my camera and went for a walk around the neighborhood.

That’s right, I took more photos of the snow.

And as much as I dislike the white stuff, I had a pretty fun time today. I shot a bunch of the usual scenes — the streets and the buildings — but I also ventured into the woods for a few shots. It wasn’t easy trying to keep my lens dry, with snow falling at a pretty good clip, I need to figure out what to do about that. I got a few decent shots, both with my DSLR and my iPhone.

Some day, I’ll take pictures of something other than the snow. Anyway, here are a few more of today’s images.


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