Everyday stuff

65. March 6, 2018.jpg
I was running through the cemetery and saw this scene, so I stopped and took this picture.

I haven’t really set aside much time lately to be creative. Work has been busy (it’s also creative), I’m trying to get back into running shape, and I’ve been lacking motivation a little bit. That’s too bad, since the purpose of this blog and this creative goal was to help keep me motivated but that’s just the way it is right now.

64. March 5, 2018.jpg
Work vibes. Notes, pens and music in my ear buds.

But instead of just blowing this off because I’m lacking the motivation to set aside time to be creative every day, I’m finding bits of time here and there to create. I bring my phone on a run so I can snap photos if I see something I want to capture, which is also helping me slow down on my runs, not go too hard or two fast in order to hopefully stay healthy. I bring my camera with me to work and snaps some photos of the building and my surroundings. I take time in the morning while eating breakfast to write in my journal. I’ll spend a few minutes editing photos before I go to bed.

I’m going on vacation next week. My plan is to take it easy and rest, but also to carve out some time for creativity.

Hopefully that will spark me back into my creative routines.

62. March 3, 2018
The sign in front of the building at the office. I took a moment after work before driving home to make this photo. I have managed to keep up my 365 photo project, despite my lack of motivation.

My 365 project.

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