Rookie mistake

I love random art. This is one of my favorites, on Tukey’s Bridge in Portland. Also, this might be my favorite photo of my 365 photo project so far.

Driving around town, doing errands this afternoon, I really wanted to go for a run. I’m slowly working my way back after some arthritis-induced inflammation in my knees put me on the shelf for a few months, and I’m still dealing with some aches and pains. My knees are so, so much better than they were in October, thanks to a lot of physical therapy and cortisone, but the last couple of days I’ve been a little achey.

So I decided it wasn’t a good idea to run today, which would have been three days in a row. I haven’t run three days in a row since the end of September, so I need to cut myself some slack.

The B&M Baked Beans building with the evening commute flowing by.

Still, I wanted to make use of the not quite spring weather, so I grabbed my camera and drove to the Back Cove. Last night, jogging with my running buddies, I saw a few spots I thought would make for awesome photos, so I went back there tonight.

And I made a rookie mistake.

Actually, I made two.

I need a few more minutes to really capture this image. This isn’t too bad, but if my battery hadn’t died, this would have been much better. 

The first was I didn’t plan well enough. The sun was starting to set when I got out of the car at Payson Park, which was great, but I wanted to shoot the interstate from the overpass on Washington Ave., with the sunset, so I could get some good light trails and I was about an hour too early.

I love running the Back Cove Trail, for views like this.

I knew that when I got out of the car, so I tried to kill time and make as many photos as possible. I took shots of the setting sun over the Back Cove from the path that surrounds it, with as many possible foreground subjects as I could find. I also took shots from Tukey’s Bridge, including that awesome painting in the picture to start this post.

That, however, led to my second mistake. The costly one.

Shooting so many pictures drained my camera battery. And since I don’t shoot nearly as much as I would like, I don’t charge it that often. And, you guessed it, as soon as the sun really set and the sky started to get dark enough to get those light trails, my battery died.

It wasn’t a total bust. I captured a few photos I like and I found a couple of spots that are definitely worth trying to shoot again. So, regardless of my carelessness, today was a win.



7 thoughts on “Rookie mistake

  1. I love those sunsets, they are a bit spooky somehow to me. I’m not sure what kind of camera you have – I ended up buying a couple of spare batteries (it didn’t cost much to do this) for mine as I shoot more video when I am out and about- I keep spare charged batteries in my case now which is reassuring when you’re in the middle of a time sensitive project. Just a thought.


    1. Thanks, it’s good advice. I do have extra batteries, but don’t really have a good camera bag, so I left them behind. Defeinitely a rookie mistake.

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