So much snow

The neighborhood I live in looks amazing in the winter.

I’m no fan of winter. Anyone who knows me, has heard me bitch about my distaste for cold weather and my extreme dislike of snow. I really have no use for it. It is cold and wet. It makes driving dangerous. It makes running, heck even walking, an injury waiting to happen. It steals my parking space. It just sucks.

I don’t ski. I know snowboard. I don’t own a snowmobile and I don’t own snowshoes.

But it sure is pretty.

This winter, as I try to develop my creativity and explore photography, my favorite thing to shoot has been the snow. My neighborhood looks especially pretty after a few inches of snow. Tree branches are weighed down and covered in white. The streets lose their gray, dreary color and and beam as the sun reflects off the bright white snow. Even the cars, covered in snow and plowed in are a sight to behold, as long as it isn’t my car.

Today was no different.

When I left work last night, it was spitting snow. By the time I turned off the kitchen light to go to bed, the driveway was covered in an inch or so of snow. When I woke up, the world — well, my neighborhood at least, was white.

I’ve tried to make a habit of having my camera with me when I leave the house, though I have not been using as much as I should. I feel very awkward taking picture in public around people I don’t know, and I’m determined to break out of my comfort zone, and stop giving a shit. So when I left the house today, after cleaning 6-inches of snow off my car, I pulled my camera out of my backpack because I planned to stop a few times on my drive to the gym to make a few photos.

The pictures are not very good, but it really did look spectacular.

Here’s a few of the pictures.

Everything is white.
Trees coated in snow.
Terrible composition of a majestic tree covered in snow.
iPhone photo: The snow had melted by the time I returned home.
Also an iPhone photo: The puddles and reflections on my street are pretty rad.

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