Drawing inspiration


I don’t have cable, so when I’m home and want to chill out by watching television, I spend a lot of time watching YouTube. Lately, though I haven’t always acted on it, I’ve drawn a lot of creative inspiration from the platform. I subscribe to a ton of photographers and filmmakers, not only because I find them educational, but I find them inspiring.

A few of the photographers I subscribe to have recently done videos about night photography. Night photos are already my favorite, even though they are really hard to make.

After watching those videos, I was inspired to give it a try myself. I drove a few miles down the road to the overpass over 295 on Brighton Ave. to see if I could get some shots during evening commute.

It went OK. It was a good learning experience and on the drive home, I got a few more ideas for different night photo sessions, so all in all, it was a win.

Here are a few of the shots. (Oh, and here are a few links to videos that inspired me. HERE and HERE.)


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