365 photo Day 29: Work break

Jan. 29, 2018

I needed a break at work tonight and took a walk around the building. Of course, I left my camera in the building when I left (in a bit of a huff) to go for my walk, but I did bring my iPhone, and I captured this image.

I had tentatively planned to go out and shoot some street photos today, but I got a late start and spent longer than I expected at the gym (I should be in better shape for all the time I spend at the gym), so that didn’t happen. Fortunately, work is pretty photogenic.

And fortunately, my iPhone takes decent pictures. I really need to start using my DSLR and going out to shoot more often, but I’m not totally letting it stop my momentum, so that’s a win. I’m 29 days into this 365 photo project and it’s not necessarily going as well as I would like, but I haven’t missed a day yet. Again, that’s a win.

365 in 2018

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