Digital first …


I saw this scene when I arrived at work today and thought it was kind of interesting and maybe I could do some photo story telling with. I didn’t really like any of the images I captured, but still decided to play around and try to edit them into something interesting.

Newspaper boxes are still around, but you definitely don’t see them as much as you used to. The digital world is changing the industry and more and more people read the news online. Thought black and white, and sepia tone worked for these photos because I think the newspaper box is kind of old school.

I’m not sure it worked.

2 thoughts on “Digital first …

  1. What an interesting find! It’s like a graveyard for old newspaper boxes and there’s strong symbolism with the background boxes standing at attention, while the foreground ones have toppled over. Of the two renditions, my preference is for the standard b&w – has more impact IMO. Nice job!


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