Just keep creating

Bomb cyclone … more like a shitshow.

I’m not exactly sure how this project is supposed to work. I started it on a whim, as a way to give myself a creative kick in the ass. I didn’t have a plan, the goal of creating something every day came to my head and I decided to act on it.

It has been a week since I started this project and I have done something creative every day. I’ve done some writing, mostly on this blog. I’ve taken some pictures. I’ve doodled. And today I played around with PhotoShop a little bit today (look up at that ugly new header). I also took a few photos during the Bomb Cyclone or whatever the hell that weather bullshit is outside today.

For the time being, that is good enough. This is about creating habits, learning new skills and honing others. I haven’t made anything of any real substance yet, but I have learned a few things and figured out how little I know about photography and PhotoShop, as well as how bad my drawing skills are.

I don’t have much to show for my creative efforts today but I spent time being creative, and for now, that is the plan.

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